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In February 2015 David and Jon met for a coffee.  As long-time friends and fellow Execs in the Kids TV business this is something they had done many times before. But this meeting was different.  Jon and David had reached the point in their careers, having clocked up 35 years between them, that they both felt they would like to take the steps towards setting up their own production company and pool their experience, contacts and shared passion for creating, developing and producing quality children’s and family content. That was the beginning of a journey which culminated in the launch of Three Arrows Media in December 2015.

David Hallam

Co-Founder / Creative Director

david headshot

(In the words of Jon)  David is the silver-haired fox of Three Arrows Media.  Every grey follicle is packed full of industry experience as David headed up development for three blue chip Indies – The Foundation/Zodiak Kids, Initial Kids/Endemol and Zenith Entertainment – having first cut his teeth (he still has a full set) in production on groundbreaking series such as The Big Breakfast, The Word and GamesMaster.  

David has been involved in the creation and development of over 30 series in the last 20 years including Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge, Scrambled!, Zack & Quack and Mister Maker’s Arty Party, many of which have even gone on to be nominated for or win national and international awards. But David’s never one to rest on his laurels and he tells me there’s plenty more juice in the tank, so we’ve set sail together on the Good Ship Three Arrows.  All in all, he’s a downright TOP BLOKE and he’s also mightily fortunate to have the lovely Clare, his wife, and two fantastic kids to keep him sane(ish!).

David's three claims to fame... 

Jon Hancock

Co-Founder / Director of Production

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(In the words of David)  So what can I tell you about Jon?  He’s quite tall, wears glasses and is a bit lacking in the hair department.  But none of that is probably going to encourage you to work with us (unless you’re an ophthalmic trichologist).  What you’re probably more interested in is that Jon was trained in the world-class system at the BBC and learnt his trade working on iconic series such as Blue Peter.

During his 15 years working in Children’s BBC, Jon developed a range of different skills including Directing, Editing, Writing and most recently Series Producing – he’s quite the TV renaissance man! In November 2015 Jon won his first BAFTA for Swashbuckle – a pirate-themed physical gameshow for preschoolers - not a bad way of signing off his time at CBeebies!  So alongside Mr Bloom’s Nursery, Let’s Celebrate! and three top-rating Christmas Specials you could say – “the boy done good”.  But Jon would be the first to admit he couldn’t have done any of it without the support of his awesome wife Ems and their four equally awesome kids.

Jon’s three claims to fame…

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