Three Arrows Media


Andy & The Odd Socks

15 x 15 mins (series 1) for BBC Children’s

Andy and the Odd Socks are a band like no other. Sure, they can sing, they can play, and they can completely rock out until their hair stands on end – but the Odd Socks are also well, odd. That’s exactly how Andy, Moxy, Rio, Blu and Cousin Mac like it. Because being an Odd Sock means digging your differences, taking on the world in your very own Odd Socky way AND helping everyone else in the world be whatever kind of Odd Sock they want to be too.  Andy and the Odd Socks is a brand new comedy drama following the crazy and chaotic adventures of band on the road.  They discover that by working together, almost ANYTHING is possible and that their combined Odd Sock skills will always help them come up with a totally original and ridiculous way to save the day. Andy & The Odd Socks is being produced in association with Ninja Pig Productions and stars BAFTA nominated presenter/actor Andy Day.

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