Vision and values



The main aim of the content we make is to entertain its audience and we’re unashamed to say that we want our shows to have broad popular appeal. We are committed to delivering outstanding entertainment to children and families worldwide.



As audiences are being entertained they begin to emotionally engage with what they are watching and seek out additional ways to interact with the content via other platforms and media. We create content that motivates, inspires and energises children and families.



Content that’s good for you doesn’t have to be boring!  We aim to enrich audiences through our content by encouraging curiosity, broadening horizons and opening minds to new possibilities.

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Lots of people ask, so we thought we’d explain!icon1

There are two men in the Bible who have a decision of national importance to make, such that it requires the two friends to think creatively and communicate in code with one another.

Their idea is to fire three arrows into a field – deliberately aimed so that where they land communicates a message.  The account says that a small boy is sent to collect the arrows who then carries them home.

The reason this story resonates with us is because the two friends are called David and Jonathan.  Like them, we want our creative ideas to carry meaning and value, and we hope our content will be found and treasured by children and their families.

We also thought it sounded pretty cool.